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Most stable trampoline in the world
Unique, quirky design
Very simple to set up
Luxe finishing level
Super bounce

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EXIT Elegant Premium trampoline ø366cm with Deluxe safety net – black

The EXIT Elegant Premium is a top-quality round trampoline with Deluxe safety net, grey padding and a black skirt. The extremely solid frame of this trampoline series is easy to assemble. The trampoline is safe, beautiful and very user-friendly. The EXIT Elegant premium trampoline with Deluxe safety net is an absolutely top class product – the showpiece of the Elegant series. But what makes this trampoline so unique.

The most stable frame in the world

The frame of the EXIT Elegant trampoline is extremely solid and therefore super safe and stable. This patented frame with its unique L-shape legs was developed especially to avoid falling or tilting. Even if children bounce very high or do unexpected pranks, the trampoline will always remain solidly in place. EXIT Toys calls this the Ultimate Stability Frame (USF)! Moreover, the Elegant trampoline proves that safety and design go hand in hand, because this unique design looks beautiful in your garden.