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Uptown Dollhouse


Our KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse is big fun for modern imaginations. This uniquely modern design is laid out between two towers, that each standing close to four feet tall. And with two outdoor areas?including a rooftop patio and an expandable backyard with a pool?there is plenty for kids to explore. Features include a rooftop staircase, a skylight and a gliding elevator that spans all three floors. The included 36 accessory pack contains a lamp that lights up, a keyboard that plays music and a toilet with real flushing sounds. There’s even a pet cat with its own food bowl! This uptown retreat is the perfect match for their favorite 12-inch fashion dolls.

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Product Dimensions (cm)
125.1 x 64.14 x 117.48
Weight (kg)
Box Dimensions (cm)
99.06 x 44.45 x 29.97
Box Weight (kg)
MDF, Wood, Plastic, Fabric
Feature 1
Backyard with a pool and BBQ grill for extended play
Feature 2
Elevator glides to all 3 floors
Feature 3
Fits all fashion dolls up to 12″
Feature 5
Made of wood for long-lasting play and fun
Feature 6
Lights and sounds accessories for realistic interactive stories
Weight 22.85 kg