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Shiro Monstertruck 4WD 1:10 NiMh 2,4GHz with LED


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Our Shiro plays a leading role in over 25 different 1/10th scale models. Equipped with features such as aluminium chassis anodised in titanium design, it also makes a professional impression under the bright green/yellow body. Drive shafts and wheel axles made of steel bring the drive of the powerful brushed motor effortlessly to the road. The throttle and steering are infinitely variable and let its high-grip performance tyres drive like on rails.


  • 2.4GHz for multiplayer operation
  • Speed controller 40 A, cooled, programmable
  • All-wheel drive with steel differentials
  • 2 bright LED headlights
  • Splash-proof electronics
  • Anodised aluminium chassis in titanium design
  • Aluminium chassis stiffener on top
  • Adjustable oil shock absorbers with aluminium shock absorber caps
  • Fully adjustable suspension
  • Infinitely variable throttle and steering
  • Fast powerful steering servo
  • High-grip performance tyres
  • Pivot-ball front suspension
  • Transparent main gear protection


  • Forward/Reverse
  • Left/Right
  • Stop

Technical data

Battery pack included: Yes
Battery type: NiMh
Battery included or installed : included
Batteries type 1 model incl.: No
Batteries type 2 remote control incl.: No
Batteries included: No
Batteries required: Yes
Transmitter: Yes
Remote control frequency: 2,4GHz
Battery type 2 remote control: AA-Cells // LR6 (Alkaline) // HR6 (NiMH)
Capacity: 7,2V 2000mAh
Charger: Yes
Charger type: Mains
Mains plug type: C
Pieces of batteries type 2 remote control: 4
Piece of battery: 1


Dimensions ( length ? width ? height ): 44,50 ? 33,00 ? 22,00 cm
Product weight: 2,59Kg
Shipping weight: 4,61 Kg

Product details

Charging time approx. (min): 360
Top speed approx. (km/h): 35
License: No
scale: 1:10
Video: Yes


Required accessories: 4 x AA-Cells // LR6 (Alkaline) // HR6 (NiMH)
Age class: from 14 years
Safety instructions: WARNING – It`s not a toy
Target group: Unisex adults


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