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Payload GPS VR Drone Altitude HD FPV Wifi Coming Home


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This quadrocopter is a real transporter!Finally there is a carrier quadrocopter for action cams from Jamara. The Payload fulfils all the high demands that were previously only available for a lot of money. With over 350g possible payload, the Payload brings an upper class feature to a middle class price. The Payload Altitude AHP+ 2.4GHz is a great robust and handy turbo quadrocopter with intelligent LED lighting (red/yellow) with direction indicator and low voltage warning. Due to the intelligent attitude control, the aircraft is easy to fly even for the somewhat experienced beginner. In addition, we have given the payload the AHP+ function. This is an automatic orientation mode with automatic return. The model can automatically maintain the desired flight path despite rotation around its own axis. Ideal for filming moving objects. If desired, the model can automatically take the programmed flight direction back to the pilot. Four powerful motors with gyro system ensure real flying pleasure. 360? degree stunts, flips and turns are just as possible as simple aerobatics while hovering and flying even outside in light winds. The special feature of this model is the built-in altitude caster AHA. Altitude Hold Adjustment uses a barometer to ensure that the specified flight altitude is maintained and compensated for on the basis of the measured air pressure. One push of a button is enough and the model takes over throttle control fully automatically and maintains the desired altitude by means of the built-in barometer. The pilot can concentrate fully on the position of the model and the camera subject.The Payload will be available in three versions. One is the pure carrier version with detachable action camera mount with quick-release fastener for attaching common action cameras (422012). The WiFi FPV version with integrated HD camera (720p) with photo/video function and exchangeable 4 GB SD card (422013). The camera image can be transferred directly to a mobile device using a free APP. At speeds of up to 40 km/h, spectacular flight videos and photos are possible. And of course the top of the range with Wifi Full HD action camera (1080p) with photo/video function (422014).


  • 2.4GHz for multiplayer operation
  • Automatic Altitude Control/Altitude
  • Track following – Flight path planning mode – use your finger to draw a flight path that your model will automatically follow
  • WiFi FPV HD camera 720p with photo/video function and exchangeable 4 GB Micro SD card
  • Self-stabilising 6-axis gyro attitude control
  • Quick-change battery
  • LED light multicoloured with direction indicator and undervoltage warning
  • Lightweight ABS housing
  • Removable rotor guard
  • Rotor blade quick change system. No tools necessary
  • 4 powerful motors allow a payload of up to 350 g
  • Removable action camera holder with quick-release fastener for attaching common action cameras
  • Controllable via remote control or app
  • Splitscreen VR mode switchable in the app


  • Tilt: Forward/Reverse/Left/Right
  • Rotate: Left/Right
  • Up/Down
  • 360? flip somersault
  • 3 flight modes: slow/medium/fast
  • Electronic directional control/Headless
  • Take-off and landing assistant

Technical data

Battery pack included: Yes
Battery type: LiPo
Battery included or installed : installed
Batteries type 1 model incl.: No
Batteries type 2 remote control incl.: No
Batteries included: No
Batteries required: Yes
Transmitter: Yes
Remote control frequency: 2,4GHz
Battery type 2 remote control: AA-Cells // LR6 (Alkaline) // HR6 (NiMH)
Charger: Yes
Charger type: Mains
Charger Volt/Frequency: 100-240/50-60
Mains plug type: C
Pieces of batteries type 2 remote control: 6
Piece of battery: 1


Dimensions ( length ? width ? height ): 62,00 ? 62,00 ? 18,80 cm
Product weight: 1,46Kg
Shipping weight: 2,40 Kg

Product details

Charging time approx. (min): 180
Colour: white
Flight time approx. (min): 10
Top speed approx. (km/h): 40
License: No
Video: Yes


Required accessories: 6 x AA-Cells // LR6 (Alkaline) // HR6 (NiMH)
Age class: from 14 years
Safety instructions: It is essential that you inform yourself about the laws and regulations applicable in your country before operating. Model flying is visual flying. Flight models may only be flown if the PILOT himself sees the model. The model may only be flown within sight of the pilot.- In some countries it is allowed to control the model with FPV (e. g. video glasses) under certain conditions.- In some countries (e. g. Germany) a model aircraft owner?s liability insurance is required for the operation of flight models. Includes lithium battery. Pay attention to instructions! WARNING – It`s not a toy In some countries you need a model aircraft flying holder liability insurance for model planes.
Target group: Unisex adults


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