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Loky FPV Drone Compass Flyback Turbo LCD Screen


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Das Modell zeigt das aktuelle Kamerabild w?hrend des Fluges direkt auf dem gro?en Farb-LCD Bildschirm am Sender. Der Pilot hat also eine Sichtperspektive ganz so als ob er selbst im Model sitzt. Die Kamera und das LCD-Display besitzen eine eigenst?ndige vom Sender entkoppelte Sendeanlage. Durch die st?rungsfreie 2,4GHz ?bertragungstechnik wird eine Ruckelfreie ?bertra-gung bei hoher Reichweite erm?glicht. Auf der mitgelieferten SD-Speicher-karte k?nnen sowohl Flugvideos als auch Standbilder abgespeichert werden. Diese k?nnen direkt ?ber den integrierten Mediaplayer am LCD Bildschirm abgespielt werden oder ?ber den mitgelieferten USB-Stick auf den PC kopiert werden.


  • 2.4GHz for multiplayer operation
  • Self-stabilising 6-axis gyro attitude control
  • Quick-change battery
  • LED light multicoloured with direction indicator and undervoltage warning
  • Lightweight ABS housing
  • Removable rotor guard
  • Camera (640 x 480px) with Video function and removable 4 GB Micro SD-card
  • Decoupled 2.4 GHz First Flight View (FPV) Camera system
  • Super Silent Technology
  • Integrated video player on the display


  • Tilt: Forward/Reverse/Left/Right
  • Rotate: Left/Right
  • Up/Down
  • 360? flip somersault
  • 2 flight modes: slow/fast
  • Electronic directional control/Headless
  • Electronic return/Flyback

Technical data


Battery pack included: Yes
Battery type: LiPo
Battery included or installed : installed
Batteries type 1 model incl.: No
Batteries type 2 remote control incl.: No
Batteries included: No
Batteries required: Yes
Transmitter: Yes
Remote control frequency: 2,4GHz
Battery type 2 remote control: AA-Cells // LR6 (Alkaline) // HR6 (NiMH)
Capacity: 3,7V 700mAh
Charger: Yes
Charger type: USB
Pieces of batteries type 2 remote control: 4
Piece of battery: 1
Dimensions ( length ? width ? height ): 27,00 ? 9,40 ? 27,00 cm
Product weight: 0,51 Kg
Shipping weight: 1,23 Kg

Product details

Charging time approx. (min): 60
Colour: black
Flight time approx. (min): 8
Top speed approx. (km/h): 40
Labeling requirement: No
License: No


Required accessories: 4 x AA-Cells // LR6 (Alkaline) // HR6 (NiMH)
Age class: from 14 years
Safety instructions: Includes lithium battery. Pay attention to instructions! WARNING – It`s not a toy In some countries you need a model aircraft flying holder liability insurance for model planes. It is essential that you inform yourself about the laws and regulations applicable in your country before operating. Model flying is visual flying. Flight models may only be flown if the PILOT himself sees the model. The model may only be flown within sight of the pilot.- In some countries it is allowed to control the model with FPV (e. g. video glasses) under certain conditions.- In some countries (e. g. Germany) a model aircraft owner?s liability insurance is required for the operation of flight models.
Target group: Unisex adults


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