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Garden Gourmet Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly


From farm to plate, food is celebrated with the KidKraft Garden Gourmet Play Kitchen. Upscale elements, like the marble-esque countertops, festive tile-look backsplash and wooden butcher-block style island, are showcased in a down-to-earth set-up that’s reminiscent of today’s farmhouse chic movement. Kids will love working with the “pickable” veggies and herbs and chopping them to add to the most creative meal they can make up. Knobs that really turn and click and an ice maker with pretend ice cubes make the cooking experience more real. A recycling bin helps enforce the importance of helping out the environment. Chalkboard surfaces let kids express their artistic creativity and add personalization to this adorable kitchen where magic is sure to ensue.

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Product Dimensions (cm)
111.0 x 52.91 x 102.79
Weight (kg)
Box Dimensions (cm)
105.0 x 42.01 x 22.5
Box Weight (kg)
MDF, Plastic
Feature 1
Butcher block-style pull-out cart
Feature 2
Chalkboard surfaces on planters and above sink
Feature 3
Choppable veggies
Feature 4
Refrigerator includes icemaker with sound and pretend ice cubes
Feature 5
Cooktop with realistic lights and sounds with click and turn knobs
Feature 6
Marble-inspired countertops
Feature 7
Fabric recycling bin
Feature 8
Light and sound faucet
Weight 21.5 kg