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EXIT Silhouette trampoline 153x214cm


Beautiful design
Competitively priced
Includes feet safety system

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EXIT Silhouette trampoline 153x214cm – black

The EXIT Silhouette trampoline on legs is a compact rectangular trampoline with a matt black padding. The safety net is standard supplied with the trampoline on feet and it hangs very taut from its curved supports. This is not only very safe because children cannot get tangled in the net, but it also looks much nicer in your garden. The safety net has an eye-catching fluorescent green zipper so that you can see immediately whether the zipper is closed properly.
The high-quality padding completely covers the galvanised springs and has a specially developed feet safety system that prevents the feet from getting tangled in the springs. The sturdy springs guarantee great jumping power. The frame of the Silhouette trampoline is galvanised and powder-coated, so no chance of rusting. The EXIT Silhouette trampolines are cool, sturdy and guarantee endless jumping fun!

General characteristics

What is the shape of the trampoline. Round trampolines are very suitable for children, because when bouncing they automatically land in the middle. Rectangular trampolines take up less space and are suitable for more experienced jumpers (adults). Oval trampolines combine the features of the round and rectangular trampolines.

Before using, the product first has to be assembled. The product is not delivered ready-to-use

Is the product easy to assemble using a manual and does not require technical knowledge

Does the product include a manual (including instructions for use) so you can assemble it yourself

How long does it take to assemble the product.

From which age can this product be used safely

Quality mark(s) Which quality marks does the product have and which European safety standards does it meet.

  • TÜV / Intertek: this product is tested for safety by a reputable and certified testing authority.
  • EN: this product is approved according to a European safety standard. The figure after EN refers to the relevant European safety standard(s) used in testing this product.
  • CE: this mark indicates that the product was designed and manufactured in compliance with the legal requirements regarding safety, health and the environment.
  • GS: Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) is an additional certificate and it means that the product meets the German standard – and if applicable also the European standard – for safe use.
  • FSC: the FSC quality mark is proof that the wood for this product originates from a forest managed according to the international FSC standard for sustainable forest management.


Is the product resistant to weather influences, such as sunlight, rain, hail, snow and wind

Quality level

Article number
EAN code 8720088262405
Product group Silhouette trampolines
Product series Silhouette trampolines
Type Trampoline on legs/supports
Shape Rectangular
Size 153 x 214 cm
Colour Black
Requires assembly Yes
Easily assembled Yes
Manual included Yes
Average assembly time (2 persons) 60 minutes
Minimum age 3 years
Quality mark(s) TÜV, CE, GS, EN 71
Weather resistant Yes

Jump comfort What is the bounce rate of this trampoline. The quality of the bounce of a trampoline is determined by the age of the children and the length of the springs. Young children will have the most fun on a trampoline with a bronze rating. These trampolines have short springs which makes it is easier for them to lift off. The older children experience greater fun and jumps on a trampoline with larger springs. On a trampoline with a golden rating they will make the highest jumps.

Quality rate What is the quality level of this trampoline. The quality level of the trampoline is determined by the sturdiness of the frame, the thickness of the padding and how well the safety net has been finished off. The higher the trampoline scores on these parts, the better the quality


Jump comfort Bronze
Quality rate Bronze

Length What is the maximum length of this product.

Height What is the maximum height of this product. This means the height from the ground up to the highest point of the product.

Width What is the maximum width of this product.

Weight What is the total weight of the product, including the packaging.


Length 193 cm
Height 245 cm
Width 254 cm
Weight 49 kg

Safety net Is the trampoline supplied including the safety net. A safety net prevents children from landing outside of the trampoline.

Ladder Is the trampoline supplied including a ladder.

Shoe bag Is the trampoline supplied including a shoe bag. You can store your shoes here when you are jumping.

Spring hook Is the trampoline supplied including a spring hook. The spring hook is handy for tightening the trampoline and preventing any injuries to your hands

Cover Is the trampoline supplied including protective cover. The cover protects the trampoline against weather influences, such as rain and snow, as well as from outdoor influences, such as leaves and bird droppings

Frame net Is the trampoline supplied including a frame net. A frame net around the legs/supports of the trampoline prevents children, pets and objects from getting under the trampoline

Jump mat

Safety net Yes
Ladder No
Shoe bag No
Spring hook Yes
Cover No
Frame net No

Colour What is the colour of the jumping mat

Material Which material is the jumping mat made from

Diameter of the jump surface area What is the diameter of the jumping mat. The diameter of the actual jumping surface, without the padding.

Warranty How long is the warranty on the jumping mat


Colour Black
Material PP (polypropylene)
Diameter of the jump surface area 95 x 156 cm
Warranty 1 year

Type What sort of springs are used to connect the jumping mat to the trampoline frame. Double-conical springs are stronger and more durable than conical springs and they stretch less.

Number of springs How many springs are used to connect the jumping mat to the trampoline frame

Length What is the length of the springs that connect the jumping mat to the trampoline frame

Finish How are the trampoline springs finished. Galvanised springs do not rust

Warranty How long is the warranty on the springs


Type Double-conical
Number of springs 44 springs
Length 14.1 cm
Spring wire thickness & diameter ø 3.2 x 24.5 mm
Finish Galvanised
Warranty 1 year

Width How wide is the padding surrounding the trampoline

Safe and soft filling Is the padding filled with a foam layer

Filling material Which material is used to fill the padding. EPE is a type of foam that breathes, protects well against falling and prevents water absorption

Filling thickness What is the thickness of the padding filling

Material top side What is the material and the thickness of the top side of the cover around the padding of the trampoline

Material bottom side What is the material and the thickness of the bottom side of the cover around the padding of the trampoline

Warranty How long is the warranty on the trampoline padding


Width 29 cm
Safe and soft filling Yes
Filling material pvc / pe / epe
Filling thickness 20 mm
Material top side pvc 0.35 mm
Material bottom side PE 110 gr
Warranty 1 year

Colour What is the colour of the frame.

Material Which material is the trampoline frame made from

Finish How is the frame finished. A galvanised frame protects against scratches, weather influences and rust. A powder-coated frame provides an extra layer for additional durability

Number of legs How many legs/supports are there under the trampoline. A W-shaped or U-shaped frame part counts as 1 leg

Connection What types of connections are used to connect the various parts of the trampoline frame

Diameter of the legs What is the diameter and thickness of the rod of the trampoline legs/supports

Diameter of the top rail What is the diameter and thickness of the rod of the top rail

Height What is the height of the trampoline frame (therefore of the jumping mat)

Warranty How long is the warranty on damage to the frame

Safety net

Colour Black
Material Metal
Finish Galvanised and powder-coated
Number of legs 4
Connection Click system
Diameter of the legs ø 38 x 1.2 mm
Diameter of the top rail ø 38 x 1.5 mm
Height 60 cm
Warranty 2 years

Diameter What is the diameter or the dimensions of the safety net

Height What is the height of the safety net

Type of fastener What kind of closure is in the safety net. A zipper is used to close the safety net well. Obviously, children should not forget to close the net after they step unto the trampoline. An overlapping flap always closes the safety net. While bouncing, children should not have to think about anything

Material Which material is the safety net made of.

Diameter of the pole What is the diameter and thickness of safety net pole

Number of poles How many poles are used to attach the safety net to the trampoline

Pole protection Are the poles of the safety net protected with soft material

Type of foam What type of foam is used around the poles of the safetynet. The soft base foam ensures that you can not hurt yourself on the poles. The XPE foam is besides that extra thick and of a absolute top quality

Warranty How long is the warranty on the safety net

Other characteristics

Diameter 193 x 254 cm
Height 185 cm
Type of fastener Zipper
Material pvc / pe
Diameter of the pole ø 25.4 x 1.2 mm
Number of poles 8
Pole protection Yes, including foam
Type of foam Basic
Warranty 1 year

Maximum user weight What is the recommended weight for safe use that a trampoline can take. The weight depends on the size, the material and the quality of the springs

Maximum tested weight What is the maximum weight used for testing a trampoline – before it gets broken. This is usually up to 5 times the maximum user weight

Middle marking Is there marking that shows the middle of the jumping mat. A marking in the middle makes it easier for users to bounce in the middle of the trampoline and not at the edges

Ground anchors included Does this product include an anchoring set so that you can anchor it into the ground

Packaging information

This product comes in 2 boxes with a total weight of 49 kilos.

Maximum user weight 100 kg
Maximum tested weight 500 kg
Middle marking Yes
Ground anchors included No

Box 1

Box 2

EAN code 8720088262580
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm 73 x 40 x 17
Gross weight (in kg) 23
Number of 1
EAN code 8720088262573
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm 103 x 35 x 35
Gross weight (in kg) 25.5
Number of 1

Standard included

  • Jump mat
  • Black padding
  • 44 galvanised springs of 14,1 cm
  • 4 metal W-legs
  • Safety net with zipper
  • Spring hook

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