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EXIT robot mower stop L for trampolines (set of 2)


Easy to assemble
Adjustable length
Protects the trampoline frame
Works with all robot mowers

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EXIT robot mower stop L for trampolines (set of 2)

The EXIT robot mower stop L is an obstruction piece which attaches to the trampolines, so that the robot mower can mow the grass around the trampoline without hitting the trampoline. The stop consists of a metal tube with screw thread which clamps between the legs of the trampoline. The tube is adjustable in height because of the screw thread and will always fit securely between the legs. When assembling the stop, check the height of the enclosure of the robot mower to ensure that the stop will be detected by your mower and will stay away from the trampoline frame. Thanks to the EXIT robot mower stop the trampoline and robot mower go together perfectly in your garden.
When using the  EXIT robot mower stop L you can determine whether you want to block off the entire trampoline or just the legs. When only the legs are blocked, the robot mower can still easily reach the grass underneath the trampoline. Do the children want to jump on the trampoline while the robot mower is on. Then we would advise you to block off the entire trampoline.
The stop is sold in a set of two pieces and is suitable for EXIT trampolines and other trampolines with W legs where the distance between the legs is 100-180 centimeters. The size of the trampoline determines how many sets you need to block off the legs or the entire trampoline:

Trampoline measurement To block legs To block entire trampoline
305 cm 2 sets 3 sets
366 cm 2 sets 4 sets
427 cm 2 sets 4 sets
214 x 366 cm 2 sets 4 sets
244 x 366 cm 2 sets 4 sets
244 x 427 cm 2 sets 4 sets
275 x 458 cm 2 sets 4 sets
305 x 519 cm 2 sets 4 sets

Please note: This  robot mower stop is not suitable for round Elegant and Elegant Premium trampolines, for these special robot mower stops are available.

General characteristics


Article number
EAN code 8720088263006
Product group Trampoline robot mower stops
Colour Black

Length What is the maximum length of this product.

Weight What is the total weight of the product, including the packaging.

Packaging information

Length 100 – 180 cm
Weight 0.9 kg

Suitable for

EAN code 8720088263006
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm 112.5 x 16 x 7.5
Gross weight (in kg) 0.9
Number of 1

Standard included

  • 2 robot mower stops L (1 set)


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