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EXIT pool ladder for frame height of 108-122cm


Childproof ladder with railing
Easy to fold up
Anti-slip steps

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EXIT pool ladder for frame height of 108-122cm – black

The EXIT ladder for swimming pools with a frame height between 108 and 122 centimetres is an excellent help for safely climbing in and out of the pool. The black ladder has a railing which children can hold on to and the steps have an anti-slip layer on them so that the children won’t slip when they are wet. The ladder has a platform in the middle to make it easier for children to leap over the edge of the swimming pool. The ladder can also easily be folded up from the outside of the pool, a handy feature so that the little ones can’t just climb into the pool.

General characteristics

Before using, the product first has to be assembled. The product is not delivered ready-to-use

Is the product easy to assemble using a manual and does not require technical knowledge

Does the product include a manual (including instructions for use) so you can assemble it yourself

How long does it take to assemble the product.

Quality mark(s) Which quality marks does the product have and which European safety standards does it meet.

  • TÜV / Intertek: this product is tested for safety by a reputable and certified testing authority.
  • EN: this product is approved according to a European safety standard. The figure after EN refers to the relevant European safety standard(s) used in testing this product.
  • CE: this mark indicates that the product was designed and manufactured in compliance with the legal requirements regarding safety, health and the environment.
  • GS: Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) is an additional certificate and it means that the product meets the German standard – and if applicable also the European standard – for safe use.
  • FSC: the FSC quality mark is proof that the wood for this product originates from a forest managed according to the international FSC standard for sustainable forest management.


Is the product resistant to weather influences, such as sunlight, rain, hail, snow and wind


Article number
EAN code 8720088267400
Product group Swimming pool accessories
Colour Black
Requires assembly Yes
Easily assembled Yes
Manual included Yes
Average assembly time (2 persons) 15 minutes
Quality mark(s) TÜV, CE, EN 455
Weather resistant Yes

Height What is the maximum height of this product. This means the height from the ground up to the highest point of the product.

Width What is the maximum width of this product.

Depth What is the maximum depth of this product.

Weight What is the total weight of the product, including the packaging.


Height 178 cm
Width 77 cm
Depth 114 cm
Weight 12 kg

Material Which type of material is used for the ladder of the pool

Finish Which material is the pool ladder made of.

Colour What is the colour of the ladder of the pool

Foldable Is the provided pool ladder foldable.

Child-proof Is the ladder provided with the pool child friendly. Children may enter the pool safely with the ladder. The ladder has a handrail that allows children to hold on to, and the steps are provided with an anti slip surface, which prevents them from slipping on wet steps. Because the ladder can easily be folded from the outside, one can control when children are able to access the pool

Anti-slip Are the steps of the pool ladder provided with an anti slip surface. Anti slip steps prevent one from slipping when the steps are wet.

Minimum pool height What is the minimum pool height for the ladder to be used

Maximum pool height What is the maximum pool height for the ladder to be used.

Number of steps How many steps does the ladder have

Maximum user weight What is the recommended weight that the steps of the ladder can hold for safe use

Warranty What is the warranty period provided for the ladder

Packaging information

Material Metal frame with plastic steps
Finish Galvanised and powder-coated
Colour Black
Foldable Yes
Child-proof Yes
Anti-slip Yes
Minimum pool height 107 cm
Maximum pool height 122 cm
Number of steps 2 x 3 steps with platform
Maximum user weight 120 kg
Warranty 6 months

EAN code 8720088267400
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm 124 x 51 x 12
Gross weight (in kg) 11.6
Number of 1

Standard included

  • Swimming pool ladder (frame height of 108-122 cm)
  • User manual


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