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EXIT pool heat pump 10m3 (2.5kW)


Energy efficient heat pump
Warm swimming pool water
Digital control
Easy to connect
Extends the swimming pool season

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EXIT pool heat pump 10m3 (2.5kW) – black

The EXIT swimming pool heat pump is an alternative for heating up swimming pool water. The heat pump has a capacity of 10.000 liters (2.5 kW) and can easily be connected to the filter pumps with capacities starting from 300 gal/hr. The heat pump turns the outside air into heat and is already effective with an outside temperature of 10 degrees. The transferred heat can then be used to heat up the swimming pool water up to 40 degrees. The heat pump from EXIT not only extends the swimming season, but it also allows you to enjoy using your swimming pool on less sunny days.

Easy installation

The EXIT heat pump can easily be connected to the swimming pool and the filter pump with simply two tubes. One tube connects to the filter pump and the other one to the swimming pool.