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EXIT pool dome 220x150cm


Sun heats up the water
Keeps dirt out and water clean
Less exposure to UV sunlight
Easy to operate
Create your own indoor pool

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EXIT pool dome 220x150cm

The EXIT pool dome is a multifunctional enclosure for your swimming pool. The dome is suitable for rectangular EXIT pools with dimensions of 220 x 150 centimeters and for many other frame swimming pools with the same dimensions. Would you like an added touch to your swimming pool. These unique domes are a real asset to your swimming pool and will guarantee hours of fun and swimming, even when the weather is unpredictable.

Multifunctional dome

With the EXIT dome for swimming pools you are no longer dependent on weather forecasts and even in less pleasant weather you can enjoy your swimming pool. The enclosure is also a sustainable solution for heating the water. When the pool is not in use, you can fasten the enclosure securely to the pool with the included straps. This way, no dirt will find its way into the water.