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EXIT pool canopy ø360cm


Protects from UV-rays
Easy to open and close
Lightweight, water resistant material

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EXIT pool canopy ø360cm

The EXIT pool canopy offers optimal protection from the sun while swimming. The canopy is suitable for the round frame swimming pools from EXIT Toys with a diameter of 360 centimetres and for many other frame swimming pools. Do you want to be able to enjoy a refreshing swim any time of the day, even when the sun is out. Protect yourself and your children from the UV rays with this unique canopy for swimming pools from EXIT Toys!

User friendly hinge mechanism

The EXIT canopy for the frame swimming pools is easy to use. Thanks to the user-friendly hinge mechanism you can create part or full shade in no time, so that even when the sun is out you can take a swim, no problem. The adjustable bands allow you to move the canopy along with the sun and secure it at any desired height. The canopy can be used separately as well as in combination with the transparent EXIT dome. This way you will be able to experience hours of fun and swimming no matter what kind of weather it is.