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EXIT ground level trampoline rectangular cover 275x458cm


Protects against dirt and weather influences
Extends the lifespan
Easy to secure with anchors

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EXIT ground level trampoline rectangular cover 275x458cm

The EXIT ground level trampoline cover protects your trampoline in any type of weather. This black cover is suitable for rectangular ground level trampolines with a diameter of 275 x 458 centimetres. Do you lack the storage space for your trampoline in the winter or you simply don’t feel like dismantling and re-assembling the trampoline. With the trampoline cover you protect the EXIT Toys trampolines against weather influences, such as rain, snow, ice and UV rays, but also against dirt such as leaves from trees.
The cover can be attached easily by sticking the included pegs into the ground. The drainage holes in the trampoline ensure that the water does not remain on the trampoline and the cover includes a net that prevents dirt from coming under the cover. Extend the lifespan of your trampoline with the EXIT Toys covers!

General characteristics

What is the shape of the trampoline. Round trampolines are very suitable for children, because when bouncing they automatically land in the middle. Rectangular trampolines take up less space and are suitable for more experienced jumpers (adults). Oval trampolines combine the features of the round and rectangular trampolines.

Material From which materials do we manufacture the product.

Before using, the product first has to be assembled. The product is not delivered ready-to-use

From which age can this product be used safely

Quality mark(s) Which quality marks does the product have and which European safety standards does it meet.

  • TÜV / Intertek: this product is tested for safety by a reputable and certified testing authority.
  • EN: this product is approved according to a European safety standard. The figure after EN refers to the relevant European safety standard(s) used in testing this product.
  • CE: this mark indicates that the product was designed and manufactured in compliance with the legal requirements regarding safety, health and the environment.
  • GS: Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) is an additional certificate and it means that the product meets the German standard – and if applicable also the European standard – for safe use.
  • FSC: the FSC quality mark is proof that the wood for this product originates from a forest managed according to the international FSC standard for sustainable forest management.


Is the product resistant to weather influences, such as sunlight, rain, hail, snow and wind

Warranty How long is the warranty on this product


Article number
EAN code 8720088268391
Product group Trampoline covers
Product series Supreme trampoline covers
Shape Rectangular
Size 275 x 458 cm
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Requires assembly No
Minimum age 3 years
Quality mark(s) CE
Weather resistant Yes
Warranty 2 years

Length What is the maximum length of this product.

Width What is the maximum width of this product.

Weight What is the total weight of the product, including the packaging.

Other characteristics

Length 275 cm
Width 458 cm
Weight 7.3 kg

Drainage holes Are there a few holes in the cloth or tarpaulin so water can drain properly. If there are no drainage holes in the cloth or tarpaulin, water or snow can remain on top of it and damage the product

Ground anchors included Does this product include an anchoring set so that you can anchor it into the ground

Packaging information

Drainage holes Yes
Ground anchors included Yes

EAN code 8720088268391
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm 40 x 38 x 12
Gross weight (in kg) 7.3
Number of 1

Standard included:

  • Trampoline cover size 275 x 458 cm
  • Anchor set


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