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EXIT Black Leather pool ø427x122cm with filter pump


With cartridge filter pump
Extra deep pool
Unique design
Includes swimming pool ladder
Sustainable finish

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EXIT Black Leather pool ø427x122cm with filter pump – black

The EXIT Black Leather pool ø427 x 122 cm is a round frame pool with a black leather print. The pool comes standard with a filter pump and a pool ladder, with which you can safely enter and exit the pool. The large diameter of the swimming pool offers enough space to relax on a lovely floating air mattress. Or would you rather swim under water. The EXIT Black Leather swimming pool is a 122 centimeters deep which allows you to actually dive into it. With the framed pool from EXIT Toys you will surely experience the best water adventures in your own garden!

A great pool for in your garden

The EXIT Black Leather swimming pool has a luxurious appearance thanks to its unique leather pattern. Due to its black outside and light grey inside you will have a stylish and modern swimming pool in your garden. The EXIT pool is equipped with strong 3-layered walls, made from PVC and polyester. The round shape of the pool makes it nice and cosy and allows enough room to fit several people, so you can enjoy great times together. Discover who can swim the most laps the quickest, float and relax together on an air mattress or dive to collect toys from the bottom of the pool. In short: with the round swimming pools from EXIT Toys you will not experience a single dull moment.