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EXIT adjustable sport net 155x300cm


Stands very firmly
Includes anchoring set
Adjustable to 3 heights
Taut net due to a double spanning system
Includes carry bag

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EXIT adjustable sport net 155x300cm – black

The EXIT adjustable black sport net is multifunctional. You can adjust it to various heights. Want to play volleyball, badminton or tennis in your garden. With the EXIT Toys adjustable sport net, all these sports are possible!

Let the games begin!

The EXIT adjustable sport net is 3 metres wide and fits in nearly every garden. It is easy to adjust in height and the lemon-green top edge of the net makes it very visible while playing. The frame of the EXIT adjustable sport net is robust and has a sturdy three-legged anchoring system that prevents the net from collapsing during a game. You can adjust the sport net to the following three heights: 

Low +/- 62 cm
Middle +/- 109 cm
High +/- 155 cm