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Climater Speedboat Li-Ion 7,4V 2,4GHz


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The ideal watercraft for all those who want to drive a speedboat but only have a garden pond. Manoeuvrable and fast are the attributes we set for the Climater 2.4 GHz during development. Easy to control with the powerful external motor and external direct drive with safety circuit and flow-optimised water screw. In addition to the new water-motor cooling system integrated into the hull, the highlight is definitely the anticenter function – if the boat should ever be upside down, a pull on the throttle is enough to turn the boat around again in the water. Always with you, the small boat with the huge fun factor.


  • 2.4GHz for multiplayer operation
  • With safety function! Propellers only turn in water
  • 180? turn back function. Raise model in water by remote control
  • Unique water-motor cooling system integrated into the hull
  • Acoustic low voltage warning on remote control
  • 2-fold protection of the boat’s electronics against moisture
  • Rudder and speed control trimmable via remote control
  • 2 stabiliser fins/turn fins for extreme manoeuvrability
  • Speed and steering infinitely/proportionally adjustable
  • Easy to steer
  • Metal drive shaft and guide tube
  • Metal rudder linkage
  • Flow-optimised water screw
  • Removable flexible ram protection


  • Forward/Reverse
  • Left/Right

Technical data

Battery pack included: Yes
Battery type: LiIon
Battery included or installed : included
Batteries type 1 model incl.: No
Batteries type 2 remote control incl.: No
Batteries included: No
Batteries required: Yes
Transmitter: Yes
Remote control frequency: 2,4GHz
Battery type 2 remote control: AA-Cells // LR6 (Alkaline) // HR6 (NiMH)
Capacity: 7,4V 1500mAh
Charger: Yes
Charger type: USB
Pieces of batteries type 2 remote control: 4
Piece of battery: 1


Dimensions ( length ? width ? height ): 45,50 ? 12,00 ? 12,00 cm
Product weight: 0,83Kg
Shipping weight: 1,26 Kg

Product details

Driving time approx. (min.): 10
Charging time approx. (min): 180
Colour: white
Top speed approx. (km/h): 25
License: No
Video: Yes


Required accessories: 4 x AA-Cells // LR6 (Alkaline) // HR6 (NiMH)
Age class: from 14 years
Safety instructions: Includes lithium battery. Pay attention to instructions! WARNING – It`s not a toy
Target group: Unisex adults


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