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Children’s Vehicle – Electric Car “Buggy 370” – 12V10AH Battery, 2x120W Motors, Leather Seat + EVA Tire, – 2.4Ghz +MP3


Optionally, the child can operate the vehicle with steering wheel or accelerator pedal and adults can operate the vehicle with the 2.4Ghz 4-way remote control. There is an MP3 port built in and sound can be regulated. Thanks to 2 x 120W electric motors, it has enough power to carry the children with up to 40 kg. Headlights are installed. Thanks to the leather seat, the child can ride comfortably.

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The highlights:

  • EVA Tires
  • Leather seat
  • With Mp3 port + USB and memory card port
  • Sound control function on the dashboard
  • Multifunction steering wheel with music effects
  • Incl. 2.4Ghz remote control
  • Battery
  • Up to 6 km/h fast
  • Front and rear headlights
  • The doors can be opened
  • Seat belt
  • Shock absorber
  • Powerful 12V10A battery for longer driving pleasure


Model: Electric children’s vehicle -Buggy 370
Motor: 550Model – 2x electric motor
Power: 2x 120W
V-Max: 3-6 km/h
Battery: 12V10Ah
Remote control: yes
Range remote control: approx. 15 m
Dimensions (L/W/H): 118*76*104CM
Gearbox: forward and reverse gear
Empty weight: approx. 26kg
Payload: up to 40 kg

Scope of delivery:

Electric Children’s Vehicle Buggy
2.4Ghz Remote Control
12V10A Battery