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Adventure Tracks: Dino World T-Rex Tremor Cave


Dino racers find it hard not to shake when they ride through the ferocious tunnel of the KidKraft Adventure Tracks Dino World T-Rex Tremor Cave. If you dare to attempt this feat, you will be rewarded with a glide down the ramp to an endless circle that will make your head spin with excitement. Hide out in the cave below to rest till the next trek up. Flip over the cave and it becomes a storage box for all pieces. Includes 2 stand-up figures (parasaurolophus, pachycephalosaurus) and 2 dino vehicles (maiasaurus, allosaurus). Add on thrills with more Dino World sets (each sold separately).

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98.04 x 40.89 x 25.91

Weight 1.75 kg