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Adventure Tracks: Dino World Cretaceous Crane


A dino’s work is never done?even if you’re extinct. KidKraft’s Adventure Tracks? Dino World Cretaceous Crane makes a majestic centerpiece inside and around tracks or is equally fun on its own. Includes a dino hauler protoceratops and grass cargo that can be removed. The gentle giant’s head lifts and lowers to hook onto vehicles and friends all throughout the Dino World collection, giving them a boost to the sky. Turn the knob to see it in action. Easy for little hands to grasp, pick up, hold and roll. Made of wood for long-lasting play and fun. Add on thrills with more Adventure Tracks Dino World sets, each sold separately.

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16.76 x 8.38 x 17.02

Weight 0.5 kg